100% Natural Nutrition

Our pet food products are 100% natural, that is they do not contain preservatives, artificial colours or flavouring or other chemicals to bulk up or make the product look more appealing.

Care Products

Get Physical

To keep your pet active and healthy, we provide pet-friendly toys to give your pet a wide variety of activities to increase their fitness and overall well-being.

Health Products

Fit as a Fiddle

Your pet's health is important to you so it's important to us. We strive to provide products that increase the general health of your pet. Whether it's muscles, eyesight, oral or mental health Macropet's products are designed to help.


Learn and Play

A factor of pets that is usually overlooked, your pet's oral health is very important. To keep their teeth white and strong and their breath from knocking you out Macropet have a number of products designed to increase their oral health.

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